Terms of Use

1. One payment is equivalent to a one time service only. Once CV is sent back to client (in case of CV Editing), or sent out to database (in case of CV Distribution), then service is deemed concluded.

2. We do not guarantee interviews or employment as we not have any control over the response of the companies in our database.

3. Your payment means you agree to the FAQs and Terms of Use set by us and gives us permission to send your CV to all companies listed in our database.

4. We reserve the right to make changes in the CV, CL, Subject Line for readability and to give strength to your application. All files and personal details provided by you to us will be protected and remain strictly confidential.

5. We cannot be held liable if client's CV reaches the current employer, or for other consequences resulting from the upload of the CV to our database.  We advise clients to exercise the usual caution in dealing with calls for interview and/or individuals claiming to be employers.

6. We reserve the right not to answer queries using abusive language and we will not reply to queries the answers to which are already listed in the website or send by email confirmation.

7. No refund is possible once transaction has been concluded. Please refer to #1.