Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use PDF files for my registration?

Yes, but be sure to limit personal information for security reasons. Acceptable personal information are age, nationality and visa status.

2. Can I submit updated files when I send my payment receipt?

Yes, you can register once, and in case you need to update the files before upload, updated files can be sent with payment receipt and these will be used for upload instead of the files sent during registration. You may also make changes or add further instructions when you send your payment receipt. No files will be accepted after payment confirmation has been sent.

3. Who are the companies included in your database?

We have 130,000 duly registered companies with published details in our database.

4. Can I use your service even if I am not in the countries stated in your list of services?

Yes, there are employers who consider candidates who are not in-country. Most employers, however, prefer dealing with job applicants who are already in-country. An exception is if you are already based in the GCC. Most employers will consider hiring applicants who are based within the GCC for jobs in the individual GCC member countries interchangeably.

5. What do I expect from the CV distribution service?

We will send your CV to the companies in our database. One payment is equal to one transaction. However, in case we are not satisfied with the results, we shall sent the CV repeatedly for a period of one week. If you are not satisfied with the results, you may request for reconsideration to re-upload once more for free. Please ask nicely.

6. How long should I wait for reply to my registration and payment?

Reply will usually be sent within 1-3 days. If you are under time constraint, we suggest to use the express service.

7. I do not wish previous and current employers to receive a copy of my CV. What should I do?

Just provide us the email addresses or domain names to remove and we can remove them from your mailing list. However, you still upload at your own risk. Since our database is comprehensive, we cannot guarantee that your current employer will not receive your CV especially if there are other email addresses that belong to your employer that you may not know of.

8. Can I ask for a specific date to send out my CV?

We cannot guarantee a particular day, but we try our best to do as you request if the queue allows it. Make sure that you make the request at least 3 days before the date of choice and that you have already paid with receipt confirmation sent.

9. How do you help the job seeker?

We recommend CV editing before distribution because a good CV combined with our way of highlighting your strengths maximises your chances to get that interview with very little expense on your part. We do not guarantee interviews but we do our best to make sure your CV reaches prospective employers.

10. What if I want to make changes to my registered files?

If you wish to change your registered CV or add further instructions, please send updated CV or mention instructions when you send the payment receipt. If you do NOT want us to make any changes in your CV, CL or subject line, please inform us as well.