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CV Jobs Help [ you trusted us before as CV Warehaus ] is your smart way to search for a job in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We are a duly registered online CV distribution company with over 8 years experience in online CV distribution in the UAE and GCC.

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    We will send your CV to our database in the UAE and/or the GCC.

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We help jobseekers find a job in the UAE or GCC. We are an online CV Distribution company. We are not a job recruitment company.

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    We have an extensive database of 130,000 for UAE and GCC companies that we regularly update. Your CV will be sent to this database. Employers who wish to opt out from our database, email optout@cvjobshelp.com.

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    If you are looking for a job as domestic helper or driver, we have special rates for you!

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    If you have just completed college or a freelance/part-timer seeking a job, we can help!

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If you want some tips on how to write your CV, compose a Cover Letter, prepare for an interview or just learn about the UAE/GCC Labour Laws, this page will provide timely and useful advice.


"My CV distribution went smoothly and I received some good responses from companies. I received some calls and have been scheduled for personal interviews. I am hoping I could land a job soon. I appreciate your assistance in my job hunt." - Reme, Filipino

"Thank you for sending out my CV. Most emails I received mentioned that they will check my CV. Hopefully, and I pray that maybe the next day they will call me for interviews." - Rochelle, Filipino national

"Hello CV Jobs Help, Thank you for your services! I was able to land a job as a professional Network Engineer just few days after your help. I've never been secured about my future and you're part of it. Thank you CV Jobs Help!